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The Vertical Space is a podcast at the intersection of technology and flight. We discuss the most important forces shaping the market of advanced air mobility, with a particular focus on why and how they matter to those building a business in this very exciting and growing industry. We talk about the radical impact that technology is creating as it disrupts flight, enabling new ways to access the vertical space to improve our lives - from small drones to large aircraft. Read More

Guest Speakers

Jim McKelvey

Co-Founder, Block

Yokaoli L. Limonda

CEO & Co-Founder, Canva


It was just a wonderful experience overall and I can’t say enough positive things about it. I was told from the beginning that it would be pretty hands-off, but I think it was well beyond that almost to where a podcast just magically appeared on my calendar and everything was handled and set up.

Tim Parkin

Regina was terrific with our students. Supportive, welcoming, and energizing, she inspired students to leap into a medium new to them and to find their voices. Regina was integral in helping to create an atmosphere and experience where students readily took risks and discovered new capacities.

Matt Peterson

Regina’s online courses are excellent, well-structured, and highly informative. The different courses covered a broad range of topics to enter in the world of podcasting, from choosing your topics and format to how to produce and publish the finished podcast. We were so excited at Enrich HK to be a charity partner, and it was a pleasure to access such valuable content. It definitely allowed us to feel more confident and prepared to launch our first podcast in 2022!

Soline El Hassani

When I started playing with the idea of starting a podcast, I was advised by a mutual contact to get in touch with Regina. I have not regretted that I did! She has been so helpful with all my questions and even though she has gathered a ton of knowledge about the subject, she has a way of being which makes everyone feel good about themselves and that there is no such thing as a stupid question. To have someone guide me and push me just the right amount is so important in this process, and Regina is amazing on that account. I would recommend her program to every aspiring podcaster out there

Veslemøy Klavenes-Berge

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